How to Buy Bitcoin in 5 Minutes – The Complete Easy Guide With Screenshots

bitcoin chart how to buy in australia

Hey guys! Everyone has been hearing about Bitcoin lately and this guide is about how to easily buy your first Bitcoin safely, quickly and easily.

This guide isn’t about how great Bitcoin is (which I could talk about for hours) but just a practical quick guide on how to buy some.

Over the past year Bitcoin has increased in value over 1600% and if you had of put in $100 5 years ago it would be worth over $50 million today.

The important thing to remember is you don’t need to buy a whole Bitcoin, you just choose how much you want to spend and you will get the relevant fraction of a coin, for example when I first bought Bitcoin, I purchased 0.10 of a Bitcoin (a tenth of a coin) for $390 USD (now worth $1500 USD).

bitcoin chart how to buy in australia
how to buy bitcoin in 5 minutes – 1yr chart

The good news is that it isn’t too late and there are prominent names in the space like John McCafee (the guy who started the antivirus software) who are predicting Bitcoin to go to $1 million per coin by 2020. There are only 16 million coins in existence and will only ever be 21 million. It’s currently sitting at a Market Cap (amount of money in it) of over $200 billion, with predictions from many experts it will at least double in the next year.

market cap bitcoin dec 17 buy bitcoin austraia how to guide
bitcoin chart market cap future rich

How to buy Bitcoin

To buy Bitcoin you need to sign up to an exchange so you are able to turn normal money in crypto currency like Bitcoin.

The biggest and safest one in the world is Coinbase which is the easiest and fastest exchange. It’s a company based in California that is listed on the US Stock Exchange, and it’s the first place I bought Bitcoin as well.

This guide will show you step by step how to buy Bitcoin using Coinbase in Australia.  [Read more…]

Resources Page – My Favorite Resources & Tools for Cryptocurrency Trading & Investing

This page contains all the best must-have resources for buying, trading, researching, cashing out cryptocurrency and bitcoin. Enjoy!

These will be updated whenever I find something better, I use everything in this list daily.


CoinMarketCap – this site is the best way to quickly check the current value of your coins, and lists all the relevant info such as price, market cap, 7 days trend, 24hr movement and much more. It’s free to use and they also have an app. Link to site:

Coinbase – this is where you can buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum & Bitcoin Cash. It is the most popular and simple exchange in the world, and the place where most people buy their first ever cryptocurrency (me included). Link here: Note if you use this link you will also get $10 free bitcoin with your first deposit.

Binance – One of the worlds biggest Cryptocurrency Exchanges, for intermediate to advanced traders. Here you can trade cryptocurrency across over 100 currency pairs, including across Bitcoin, Etherereum, USDT and BNB (Binance Coin).

KuCoin – A relatively new Exchange which has quickly grown to 500,000 active users, it’s primary benefits over other larger exchanges is that they have very low fees and are usually always the first to list new coins. It’s a decentralised exchange that also have their own coin called KuShares, which distributes 70% of trading fees collected to holders of KuShares. They also have one of the most visually appealing user interfaces of all the Exchanges.

DavorCoin – Similar business model to BitConnect, however their average daily interest payout is closer to 1.9% on average and they say that their profits are generated primarily through ICO investment. I’ve been using it and am happy so far. One interesting differentiator with DavorCoin is their staking that pays at around 10% per month just from holding the coin in their wallet, which might not be a bad move as the value of the coins keeps increasing due to the way their ecosystem is set up. I’d still give the lending a go, and if skeptical just throw in $100, set it to auto-reinvest and based on the power of compound interest (which is the main thing I like about these platforms) if the average rate of 1.9% holds up you would have $4,020 after 200 days and a crazy $89,300 after 1 year. Obviously if you put an extra 0 on your first Lend then the return profits would have an extra 0 on them.. In saying that, this one is pretty new, I wouldn’t put in anything I wasn’t prepared to lose. I’d say it’s medium/high risk, very high rewards so you would have to do what’s right for you based on your appetite for risk.  Again I’m happy to help with any questions about the program or getting started.

Coinigy – This a trading tool that all the top traders use, what it does is connect to your exchange accounts through an API, and you are able to trade on any of your exchanges under one hood. The thing I like best about Coinigy is that you can set Stop-Limit orders through Coingy, but they wont place on the exchange until it hits your stop, that way it doesn’t lock your coins. When you use your normal exchange you can only place one stop-limit and your coins are locked in it. With Coingy you could set a Stop-Limit Sell 10% below your buy price AND a Stop-Limit Sell order say 35% above your buy price and they only execute on your exchange once the stop limit is reached. If you are a day-trader you can not live without Coinigy. It also gives you a chance to spot and explot good arbing opportunites as well (price differences across exchanges, eg Bitcoin $15.2k on Binance and $15.6k on Bittrex). 

How to Start a Blog to Earn Ad Revenue in 6 Minutes (with Video)

A website of your own is the first essential requirement for generating any online business income.

There are a huge amount of free options like Tumblr, or but I don’t recommend going that route for 3 very important reasons:

Your domain name will be a subdomain extension to the service provider’s own unique domain when using a free service.

If I created TFR on Tumblr, the internet address would be instead of

You have heaps less options for revenue generation and design.

Eg, with free sites, you are not allowed to put any ads on your site, including Adsense or any other forms of advertisement. And you are only allowed to use a few approved basic plugins to customise design and functionality.

Your business is vulnerable.

As an example, if Tumblr shut down next week, your whole business would disappear and you wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

These reasons are enough on their own, which is why I definitely recommend going with a self-hosted website with your own domain name.

It looks much more professional, you can customise the [Read more…]

Retail Management Positions – How To Get Them

Store Managers in Demand - The Future Rich

Most Career Advice out there is Horrible

Firstly, I’ve done alot of research and read ALOT of Career Advice and I’ve got to say – most of it is just garbage that makes me want to vomit. A huge proportion of it seems to be written by people who haven’t looked for a job in 20 years, who possibly haven’t ever even used the internet in their job hunt before, while others just regurgitate different iterations of conventional wisdom with titles such as “Top 7 tips for finding a job” or useless advice like “How to make your Resume stand out using bold font!”

Even worse are the Linkbait headlines like “The 5 things that are destroying your career job hunt, number 2 changed my life!!” which contain one-liner tips with no explanation on why or how it is even important. Which is because the so-called “authors” have no idea. It makes me angry, because this garbage is designed to drive page views, not to help people like you.

Advice out there isn’t for Retail

Another problem is that there isn’t anything out there specific for Retail, if you are lucky enough to find someone that is actually competent and seems to know what they are talking about when it comes to Career, unfortunately it is pretty much useless, because the advice is geared towards Investment Bankers or Senior Finance Project Managers etc, with advice on how to network with CEOs or your Harvard alumni prior to the interview and [Read more…]

Supermarket Career Path – Retail Job Position Flowchart

Retail Career Ladder The Future Rich

Hi guys, have been getting asked what the Supermarket position structure looks like a bit recently, so I’ve put this together for you to assist in planning your Retail Career in Supermarkets.

This Supermarket job position flow chart will give you an idea of what positions you need to be moving to in order to progress up the chain towards Store Management. As I’ve said before, a retail career can be quite lucrative when you are in management (check out the Pay grade for Supermarket Retail Management positions within Australia), with Store Managers of Coles or Woolworths typically on a six figure salary of $100k+, plus generous bonuses for achieving their business targets.

This is a typical progression model – starting from the bottom.

In some stores the pecking order may seem different, ie a Duty Manager in some stores may seem lower than Department Managers, if there are Senior Department managers and a younger/newer Duty Manager. However the path below is how it generally works. It is important to note that there are some positions that are kind of senior, but are a lot harder to progress up from, such as a Bakery Manager or Deli Manager.

When planning your career or pushing for promotion, it is KEY to know which position you should be aiming for next and clearly communicate that to the Store Manager or your Line Manager to make sure you are progressing your career as quickly as possible. For instance, going from Bakery 2IC to Produce 2IC holds little value in your career path, and it will ultimately take longer to make it to a Department Manager position. However going from Bakery 2IC to Grocery 2IC would be a correct move.

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You should be seeking to only do one position at each of the levels below, before moving to a position at the next level. Note the flow chart is horizontally tiered, you don’t need to move to position directly above, just any of the positions on each horizontal line above.

Wherever possible, you should also seek to skip a level. Your best opportunity for skipping a level is moving from Department 2IC to Manager of that Department. This will be much harder to do for a Grocery Manager position though.

Click image to enlarge

The Future  Rich - Retail Career Domination

There is actually a fast track path to [Read more…]

Retail Resume Hacks – Pro Tips to Make Your Retail Resume Look Professional

I’ve been a getting a few emails asking about Retail Resume tips so I have put this post together to help you trick up your Retail Resume.

Do you ever think that you don’t have enough experience or you don’t know exactly how to communicate what duties you have performed in your current/previous job?

In this brief post I will give you a handful of easy to implement professional sounding translations of common tasks so you can quickly add a professional touch to your Retail Resume, which will help you land that interview for your next retail position or promotion.

Have you ever “Stacked Shelves” before?

  • Wrong! – you have “Performed Inventory Replenishment”

[Read more…]

Getting Promoted in Your Retail Job – The Quick and Dirty System That Works

3 things you need to know about to get promoted

Ever feel like your boss doesn’t respect how hard you work? Sick of being passed over for promotion because you’re young and always have to prove yourself? Feel like your manager is a douche who only promotes his friends?

I’ve put together this summary of 3 key things you need to know about to get your next promotion and an action plan with tactics and sample scripts to start you off on your Retail Career domination.

How would I know? I started as a shelf stacker and got promoted 7 times in 2.5 years at one of Australia’s largest retailers, the last promotion being to [Read more…]

The Truth About Getting Promoted in Retail

Truth about retail The Future Rich

Getting promoted in Retail really isn’t as hard as you think. Retail is a high team member turnover environment, “Team member turnover” means people leaving the business/job. People regularly leave for better opportunities/jobs and good people get promoted or move to different stores all the time. People move interstate or step down for family reasons. This means there are always opportunities to be promoted on a regular basis. As an example, I worked at 2 different stores over 2 years and had 7 different Duty Managers, 4 different Grocery Managers and 5 different Store Managers.

You may think your situation is different (aka Special Snowflake Syndrome) “Oh, but everyone at this store has been here forever!!” To that I say [Read more…]

The Ultimate Pay Scale Guide For Supermarket and Big Box Retailer Jobs in Australia


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Are you working in a Supermarket at the moment or considering the possibility? Want to know the pay grade for your next promotion? Curious about what your boss gets paid?

I have pulled together the below information for reference to help in planning your Retail career. The figures are based off of publicly available Enterprise Bargaining Agreements, recruitment industry Salary Guides (Michael Page, Hays etc) and Seek job ads. Based on my own retail knowledge and experience I can also say the figures look quite typical from what I have seen. The numbers can fluctuate a lot in IGA, but for Woolworths, Coles, Big W etc they are quite accurate.

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Below is as of 2014, rates go up approx 2.2% each year. Below is assuming you are 20 years of age or older. If you are not yet 20 years of age the rate is significantly less based on your age, and reduces more for every year under 20.

Free Retail Salary Report


Casual team member: Hourly rate X hours worked

Full time team member

$730-$775 per week $38,000-$40,500 per year

Team Member In-Charge/Supervisor (usually in Service Department or Fill lead)

$780-$8 [Read more…]

Automating Your Money (Like a Boss)

Have you ever been caught off guard by an unexpected direct debit bill that has wiped out your bank account? Had to skip lunch to go pay a bill during your lunch break? Gotten a late payment fee? Been worried that when you’re paying by Eftpos at the checkout there might not be enough money in your account?

Just a few years ago all of these things would happen to me on a semi-regular basis. If you’ve experienced any of those things, I know your pain. But rejoice, as today is the day where you will learn to effortlessly dominate your finances.

Automating Your Money (Like a Boss) is the most basic first step in mastering your money and putting you on the future rich path. Young people like us shouldn’t need to rely on unpredictable things like our self control or our (potentially hungover) memory! What we can do is take control by wielding technology and setting ourselves up with the correct system, then reap the rewards and enjoy a lifetime of [Read more…]