Retail Resume Hacks – Pro Tips to Make Your Retail Resume Look Professional

I’ve been a getting a few emails asking about Retail Resume tips so I have put this post together to help you trick up your Retail Resume.

Do you ever think that you don’t have enough experience or you don’t know exactly how to communicate what duties you have performed in your current/previous job?

In this brief post I will give you a handful of easy to implement professional sounding translations of common tasks so you can quickly add a professional touch to your Retail Resume, which will help you land that interview for your next retail position or promotion.

Have you ever “Stacked Shelves” before?

  • Wrong! – you have “Performed Inventory Replenishment”

Worked the cash register?

  • You have “Facilitated financial transactions, including cash, credit and gift card redemption”
  • You have “Built relationships with customers”
  • You have “Balanced Registers” (Counted the cash in the til)

Called the grocery boy up for a price check?

  • You have “Delegated Tasks”
  • You have “Performed Store Announcements”

Had customers yell at you?

  • You have “Customer facing issue resolution experience”
  • You have “Resolved Customer Queries”

Reported a shoplifter?

  • “Enacted Theft Prevention and Store Loss Minimisation Procedures”

Cleaned up a spill in an aisle?

  • “Maintained Safety Standards”
  • “Hazard Management”

Received a delivery at the backdoor/loading dock?

  • “Authorised Invoices”
  • “Adhered to Safe Receiving Procedures”
  • “Inventory Management”

Called someone to see if they want to buy something?

  • “Business Development”

Responded to business emails?

  • “Actioned Internal and External Customer Queries”

Been in charge of a team?

  • “Team Management”
  • “Leading and Developing a Team”

Crushed empty cardboard boxes in the crusher or thrown down the chute?

  • “Waste Management Procedures”
  • “Fire Hazard Reduction Protocols”

Showed a newbie what to do?

  • “Trained New Team/Staff”

Stacked Backstock/Overstock?

  • “Inventory Management”
  • “Maintained Inventory Data Integrity”


After you have done some of the basics, we can then expand on specific tasks/actions as below;

Filled the chips aisle?

  • “Replenished high volume impulse snack items to maximise sales and profit”

Wiped the deli bench?

  • “Maintained high hygiene standards in high risk food safety area”

Got a compliment from a customer more than once?

  • “Track record of exceeding customer expectations and delivering a positive customer experience”

Built an Off-location or Floor Display?

  • “Merchandised product displays to drive sales on key lines to increase impulse buying behaviour”


A professional sounding Resume will massively communicate that you are competent and makes a solid impression that will help you land that interview.

On the flipside, a poorly presented or unprofessional Resume can absolutely blow your chances of ever getting an interview for a higher position.

I’ve just put professional-translations of some of the more common tasks in this post, but I could literally write for hours on this and expand much further into more detail! If you’re interested in hearing more, join my Email List and send me a question, I will be happy to help.

Want a pro translation of other tasks? Post in the comments or email me at  -aj


  1. Lee says

    I want to get ahead in my retail career and get promoted so thjs article is very useful. What about if I get an interview for Grocery Manager, what are some hacks to ace it and get the job?


  2. Bennyatthebar says

    Im having no luck whatsoever getting interveiws myself but this seems kind of like cheating. Why not just say exactly what you do?

  3. Sam says

    I have been sending applications for a new job for weeks and getting nowhere then I hacked my resume based on this and I lined up 2 interviews for next week form 2 applications!! Do you have any tips for group interviews?

    • says

      Congratulations Sam and good luck. I will cover Interviewing in a future post, however for Group Interviews, my recommendation is to be outgoing and speak at every opportunity, but be considerate and inclusive of your other group/table members. Where possible try to facilitate discussion and take the lead. When you move to the 1 on 1 interview, be positive and make it known you are interested in a career, not just a job. Don’t ask about Pay Rates until you have a job offer.

    • says

      Tran, optimizing your Resume will only help you secure an interview, it won’t guarantee you will get the job. What you do/say in the interview is what will secure you the job.

  4. Aidan says

    Great post!!!
    Often I work solo in the store during closed hours, and I am given time to self delgate tasks. I have recieved praise from the manager in what I have done during these occasions. How would you word this?

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