The Truth About Getting Promoted in Retail

Getting promoted in Retail really isn’t as hard as you think. Retail is a high team member turnover environment, “Team member turnover” means people leaving the business/job. People regularly leave for better opportunities/jobs and good people get promoted or move to different stores all the time. People move interstate or step down for family reasons. This means there are always opportunities to be promoted on a regular basis. As an example, I worked at 2 different stores over 2 years and had 7 different Duty Managers, 4 different Grocery Managers and 5 different Store Managers.

You may think your situation is different (aka Special Snowflake Syndrome) “Oh, but everyone at this store has been here forever!!” To that I say ughhh STFU, your store really isn’t that special. What you don’t realise is that because there are heaps of stores in a region/area, even if there aren’t any immediate promotion opportunities in your own store, there is likely to be MANY upcoming promotion openings in nearby stores that you won’t know about. But your Store Manager will..

A little known fact that many people are not aware of is that Store Managers are actually expected by their Boss (Area Mgr/Regional Mgr) to move people up by promoting them through the system, to show they are able to develop their people. Why? Because this enhances the Store Manager’s chances of being promoted or receiving a higher payrise in the future, as they will be perceived as a great people manager who is able to nurture and develop talent. So make sure you are one of those people! I will share how in a future post.

What did you learn from this post you didn’t know before? Did this post change your perspective in any way? Leave a comment – I read every one – aj


  1. Steve says

    I never realised store managers bosses expected them to promote people internally, thats a perspective changer. From the outside looking in it always seems like they want to recruit externally

    • Timmay says

      Or because of low level managers on massive power trips.. Or lazy workers who didn’t listen to them no matter what they said..

  2. David Twyman says

    I never had that thought in mind that to be promoted actually is a win for your boss aswell (given your a great candidate)

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