Resources Page – My Favorite Resources & Tools for Cryptocurrency Trading & Investing

This page contains all the best must-have resources for buying, trading, researching, cashing out cryptocurrency and bitcoin. Enjoy!

These will be updated whenever I find something better, I use everything in this list daily.


CoinMarketCap – this site is the best way to quickly check the current value of your coins, and lists all the relevant info such as price, market cap, 7 days trend, 24hr movement and much more. It’s free to use and they also have an app. Link to site:

Coinbase – this is where you can buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum & Bitcoin Cash. It is the most popular and simple exchange in the world, and the place where most people buy their first ever cryptocurrency (me included). Link here: Note if you use this link you will also get $10 free bitcoin with your first deposit.

Binance – One of the worlds biggest Cryptocurrency Exchanges, for intermediate to advanced traders. Here you can trade cryptocurrency across over 100 currency pairs, including across Bitcoin, Etherereum, USDT and BNB (Binance Coin).

KuCoin – A relatively new Exchange which has quickly grown to 500,000 active users, it’s primary benefits over other larger exchanges is that they have very low fees and are usually always the first to list new coins. It’s a decentralised exchange that also have their own coin called KuShares, which distributes 70% of trading fees collected to holders of KuShares. They also have one of the most visually appealing user interfaces of all the Exchanges.

BitConnect – In my first few months in crypto, anytime I heard about BitConnect I heard it was a pyramid scheme, a Panzi scheme and a scam etc. It wasn’t until a friend of mine I highly respect recommended it that I decided to do some research and find out for myself what it was all about. Basically it’s a platform where you lend money to BitConnect, and in return they give you a daily share of the interest their arbitrage bot earns. It averages 1% interest on invested capital per day, and you can reinvest your daily earnings to earn compound interest on the interest which is where the real power of this platform takes effect. You also have the option of cashing out your daily interest straight to your bank account. They’ve been around for 2 years which is quite mature in the Crypto market.

From a $1k loan, if you roll over all your interest daily, you can expect to have $6,400 after 180 days and $49,570 after 365 days. I have been using it for the last several months (with a much larger amount), and let’s just say I am VERY happy. If you use the link below you will go to the sign up page. When you sign up put my referral code “wakizashi99″ in, send me a screenshot and I will refund you the 5% commission that gets credited to me on your first lend. I’m also happy to help with any questions about the program or getting started.

DavorCoin – Similar business model to BitConnect, however their average daily interest payout is closer to 1.9% on average and they say that their profits are generated primarily through ICO investment. I’ve been using it and am happy so far, but they haven’t been around for as long as Bitconnect so I only have 20% of the amount I have in BitConnect invested with them. One interesting differentiator with DavorCoin is their staking that pays at around 10% per month just from holding the coin in their wallet, which might not be a bad move as the value of the coins keeps increasing due to the way their ecosystem is set up. I’d still give the lending a go, and if skeptical just throw in $100, set it to auto-reinvest and based on the power of compound interest (which is the main thing I like about these platforms) if the average rate of 1.9% holds up you would have $4,020 after 200 days and a crazy $89,300 after 1 year. Obviously if you put an extra 0 on your first Lend then the return profits would have an extra 0 on them.. In saying that, this one is pretty new, I wouldn’t put in anything I wasn’t prepared to lose. I’d say it’s medium risk, very high rewards so you would have to do what’s right for you based on your appetite for risk.  Like with BitConnect, if you sign up use the below link, send me a screenshot and I will refund you the 8% commission that gets credited to me on your first lend. Again I’m happy to help with any questions about the program or getting started.

Coinigy – This a trading tool that all the top traders use, what it does is connect to your exchange accounts through an API, and you are able to trade on any of your exchanges under one hood. The thing I like best about Coinigy is that you can set Stop-Limit orders through Coingy, but they wont place on the exchange until it hits your stop, that way it doesn’t lock your coins. When you use your normal exchange you can only place one stop-limit and your coins are locked in it. With Coingy you could set a Stop-Limit Sell 10% below your buy price AND a Stop-Limit Sell order say 35% above your buy price and they only execute on your exchange once the stop limit is reached. If you are a day-trader you can not live without Coinigy. It also gives you a chance to spot and explot good arbing opportunites as well (price differences across exchanges, eg Bitcoin $15.2k on Binance and $15.6k on Bittrex). 

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