I used to sit at home playing Call of Duty thinking to myself, is this it? Is this really my life? I felt like I had potential and it was just going to waste. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but I knew that I wanted to get rich and live the high life. As fate would have it, I did what anyone who wanted to be rich would do – I got a job stacking shelves at a Supermarket (joke!).

Fortunately, I figured out how to dominate my career and got promoted 7 times in 2.5 years, of which the 7th promotion was to the Head Office in a national role looking after the planning for an area worth over 100 million dollars. It didn’t matter that I was young, that I didn’t have a fancy degree and that I didn’t have any connections. Thanks to this experience I know what it really takes to get ahead in your retail career and I can show you how too.

Over the past several years I’ve learnt that the vast majority of career and money information out there is total bullshit. It’s just rehashed “conventional wisdom” written by people who are out of touch. Some of the information may have been true in the past, but the world is a different place now. It’s the digital age, and our generation has the legacy of the Global Financial Crisis to deal with. Our jobs are disappearing and new technology is taking its place. Everything is being made in China and local companies are closing down left right and center. Jobs are being outsourced to India and Asia at a rapid rate. It’s more important than ever to set yourself up financially. It’s not safe (or fun) to live paycheck to paycheck in a world like this.

I have learned an amazing amount about how the world REALLY works when it comes to money and career. I’ve spent well over 3000 hours reading, researching and most importantly testing out in the real world. I’ve read every finance and career book worth reading. I must of read just about every finance, career, psychology and money making blog there is. I’ve tried and tested countless tips, tricks, systems and strategies. Over this journey down the rabbit hole I’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t, and I want to share the best of it with you. Why?

There are so many people with untapped potential who know that the life they are living now isn’t what it is supposed to be. Life was supposed to be something more. It shouldn’t be a struggle, it should be an awesome experience to enjoy. I believe anyone can be anything they want to be. I want to drag out that potential you KNOW you have deep down inside you and help you to succeed. I want you to have more money and more freedom to live the life you deserve. If you really want success it’s time to take action and stop making excuses.

Here’s a bit of background about me

  • No College/University degree
  • High School drop-out (ok, expelled..)
  • Grew up pretty poor, in a single parent home
  • Emancipated at 14 (my own legal guardian)
  • Hung out with wrong crowd all throughout my teens
  • Highest level of education completed (drumroll) – Year 8
  • Never had a real job until 23 – which was stacking shelves at a Supermarket…

Just a few years after I started that first job I am now on a generous executive salary at the national corporate office of one of Australia’s largest companies in a job I love, I live in a beautiful new apartment in the CBD, I have no debt, a share portfolio and a very healthy savings account. I have guilt free spending money every week that I spend on things that make me happy. Only a few years ago I didn’t think this was possible.

Where do you want to be a few years from now? Do you want to keep treading water where you are now, or do you want to become one of The Future Rich?

If you are the kind of person who wants to get ahead in life, then you’ve come to the right place. I am going to share my tactics, strategies and systems gained from my unique insight and insider experience to help you get to the next level.


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