How to Start a Blog to Earn Ad Revenue in 6 Minutes (with Video)

A website of your own is the first essential requirement for generating any online business income.

There are a huge amount of free options like Tumblr, or but I don’t recommend going that route for 3 very important reasons:

Your domain name will be a subdomain extension to the service provider’s own unique domain when using a free service.

If I created TFR on Tumblr, the internet address would be instead of

You have heaps less options for revenue generation and design.

Eg, with free sites, you are not allowed to put any ads on your site, including Adsense or any other forms of advertisement. And you are only allowed to use a few approved basic plugins to customise design and functionality.

Your business is vulnerable.

As an example, if Tumblr shut down next week, your whole business would disappear and you wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

These reasons are enough on their own, which is why I definitely recommend going with a self-hosted website with your own domain name.

It looks much more professional, you can customise the [Read more…]